Off to a Great Start!!

I have a strong desire to share my love of running and all the benefits it can provide.  I have been running off and on for about two and a half years but consistently for about seven months. In August 2009 I decided it was time to take my health more seriously and began to run on a more consistent basis, with the help of some great friends of course.

I learned that running solo was not my ticket to success, I always run better with a support buddy.  It was funny how my running partner and I would always seem to take turns having an off day. When I was having a horrible run day she would be on top of the world and would have to drag me along for our mileage, when she was having an off  day it was my turn to do the dragging…..LOL.

I started to meet women who wanted to start running but had never tried it, women who were running but not consistently and women who just needed a regular running partner.  Those conversations along with my desire to share how beneficial running can be with every woman I meet was all I needed to start PBRC.

PBRC offers a social, supportive, fun running environment for women of all running abilities. We have been meeting since January 2010 and we ran our first group race this past Saturday the Corporate Cup 5K!  I have never been excited at the finish line of a race but I was elated this time.  To cross the finish line with a training buddy was the BEST FEELING…. It was a difficult race but we took Every step, Every Mile …..Together!!!   It was great!

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