My Body

I , like many women struggle with body image,  eating the right things and exercising on a regular basis. I have found that a change of mentality was essential to get me started and keep me going.  I think this Charlotte personal trainer said it best….



My Body

This is my body that God has made in His image.  It is unique, beautiful, flawless and perfectly designed by Him to bring Him glory.  When others see me, they see Him because they see a wonderfully accomplished work of art. There are no mistakes on my body, everything, everything was put in its proper place for a purpose.

I love everything on my body from head to toe because God made it. I am the apple of God’s eye. My body is not mine it was purchased at an expensive price because He loves me so much.

God has entrusted this body to me.  I will do my best to be a good steward  over it, it is the only body that I will ever have. It is a holy temple that should not be destroyed, mistreated, abused, or misused. I will only consume and do things that will develop and improve my body. This is my body that God has made

Lamail Spain, performance Coach

Alpha II Omega Sports Performance

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