Cooper River Bridge Run 2010

Purple Butterfly Running Club Traveled to Charleston, SC this past weekend to run the Cooper River Bridge 10K. I had never run a 10k prior to this race so I have to admit I was a little nervous, other ladies in the group were 10k virgins as well.

We met for a great dinner on Friday night at Virginia’s on King around 7 pm. We had great Girl Talk and excellent lowcountry cuisine!!

There were over 39,000 people registered for this race so it was no mystery that traffic would be crazy all weekend.  Our hotel provided Shuttle service, one at 5 am one at 6 am.  When asked, the shuttle driver said he was not sure where he could “drop us” if we took the 6 o’clock shuttle because traffic would be crazy so we signed up for the 5 am shuttle.

We woke up bright and early, were in the lobby at 4:50 and boarded our shuttle promptly at 5 am.  We were at the start line at 5:20!!!!  GRRRR…. We had a little over 2.5 hours to wait until the race began. The weather was cold and windy, thankfully it was tailwind!!  We found a place to stand that helped with our wind issue and we waited…..

We lined up at around 7:50 according to approximate finish time, this separated me from the other ladies. I had to run alone, this is the one thing I will do different next year. Nevertheless my race experience was still outstanding!

We started promptly at 8 am but there was a 10 min trek to the start line.  Once we crossed the start line it was not that bad, crowded but not bad.  The race was  pretty crowded race from start to finish so a lot of energy was used bobbing and weaving around traffic.

Running the actual bridge was beautiful.  There was a great view and there were people for miles in front and back of me. Seeing the crowd move along gave me extra energy at times, it was amazing….

The end of the bridge marked approx the 4 mile mark of the race.  It was flat and pretty easy terrain from this point on. There were bands and the streets were lined with people cheering everyone along.  At some points it felt like a parade.  The finish line was an awesome feeling. My first 10k was complete; Purple Butterfly’s first 10k was complete everyone done a fabulous job!!   Some of our Official Times…..

Stacey : 1:11:28

Allyson: 1:31:18

Loree: 1:15:40

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  1. Ashley says:

    Hey Ladies! Congrats on your race! It looks like you had a great time in Charleston, and I hate that I missed it. I will be running the Skyline CPCC 5k, so I will see you there.

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