Every month I will feature one of PBRC’s runners in our “I AM a Runner” Series. Juanita Yarrell has been generous enough to be our first runner featured.

PBRC: When did you start running?

Juanita: I started running in January 2010.  I’d never belonged to a running club until I joined the Purple Butterfly running club.

PBRC: Why did you start running?

Juanita: Initially, I started running because the 2009 – 2010 winter season was colder than usual.  So I wasn’t able to play much tennis due to the cold.  I needed something to do consistently instead. Eric Worthy (Commissioner of the WTL tennis league at Wachovia – Wells Fargo) sent an e-mail regarding the Purple Butterfly running club.  I thought joining would be perfect because it would help increase my endurance.  This, in turn, would help with tennis, especially 3-set matches.

PBRC: What do you enjoy about running?

Juanita: I enjoy being able to clear my mind and focus on nothing else except running at that moment.  I also enjoy the burst of energy and sense of accomplishment I get post-run.

PBRC: Did you enjoy running right away?

Juanita: Oh, no!!  I didn’t enjoy running right away because I’d never run consistently.  I truly struggled to even run 5 minutes when I first started!

PBRC: What is in your  running playlist?

Juanita: Eric Roberson, Michael Jackson, Maze, Featuring Frankie Beverly, John P. Kee

PBRC: You recently ran the Cooper River Bridge 10K , that was your first organized race.    Was it what you expected??

Junaita: I really didn’t know what to expect since it was my first race.  My intention was not to make my first race a 10k.  But I’d heard so much about this particular race that I wanted to participate.  I could not believe the number of people there that morning.

PBRC: What is your most memorable running moment?

Juanita: So far, my most memorable running moment was when I crossed the finish line of the Cooper River Bridge Run race.  My 8-year old son was so proud that he took my race shirt and race bib to school that following Monday to show his classmates and teacher!  I felt like I’d finish a full marathon!

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2 Responses to I AM a RUNNER!

  1. Juanita you are doing wonderful in the running!!! And ooh how my heart gushed when you talked about your son bringing your CRBR shirt & bid to school the next day!
    Just imagine all the “actions” you are showing your kids in how to live a healthy life!! You Rock Mama!!!

  2. Cassandra says:

    This is a great feature! There’s nothing like the first road race and the feeling you get from it. Can’t wait to read the next feature.

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