I AM a Runner!!

This months PBRC “I AM a runner” feature is Stacey.  Stacey has been a PBRC Runner and cheerleader since day one in January.  Thank you Stacey for sharing your story.

1.When did you first start running seriously?

I never attempted to run until last fall in September. I sat on the desire to do it for about six months prior to that procrastinating the entire time.

Mainly because I never went to get fitted for shoes and just dabbled in light research on self-guidied running programs.  One of my friends kept checking in on me to see if I got my running shoes since she is a runner and was one of the people who peaked my interest in it.  She was a great accountability person for six prolonged months 😉

2. How did you first get into running?

Last year I wanted to find a cheap way to exercise and lose weight. Simple as that! 🙂

I used to bellydance for light cardio and truly enjoyed it in how it was a form of art, expression and boost of self image.  I still do some of it at home but the expense of the instructor led classes really added up.

And then I ran into two friends on two separate occasions within a short period of time and they were looking fabulous! Totally leaned out and I asked them both what they were doing and they both said running. Bingo!

A complete body workout for only a pair of sneakers (discovered it takes more than that but still very cost efficient), so it was a done deal on what I would do next for exercise.

3. Did you enjoy running right away?

I still don’t enjoy it! LOL 🙂

Running is hard work!! Haha

What I do enjoy is what some people call the “runner’s high”.  Which is after you sweated, grunted, pushed thru the mind challenges and tired legs while running.

I don’t just enjoy it, I luv the feeling of accomplishing something I didn’t think I could do (every time I go for a run).  The feeling of a small victory in my day that I knew was 100% me.  Running makes me feel empowered and that part is what I love….not the actual act of doing it 🙂 LOL

4.Have you had any setbacks during your running career that you had to overcome?

Mmmh nothing major *knock on wood* as my running career hasn’t been long :). And I pray I won’t have anything serious crop up.

But I have experienced some speed bumps along the way:

Some foot pain but was in a bad pair of sneakers

A head/sinus cold but kept pushing thru despite the lack of energy for an entire month!

And working thru sporadic foot numbness that I have been switching up some things in hopes it will subside (i.e. loosen shoes, thinner socks, time of day I run)

I really have been blessed thus far that I haven’t had any injuries or major running setbacks.

5.What running accomplishment are you most proud of?

Just getting started since it took me so long!! 🙂

Getting my first race medal ever after my second 10K (during RaceFest) within two weeks of each other (CRBR) while running thru numb feet during my bday weekend.

It just felt good after 6 months of running and never attempting to do such a thing how it was a mini ceremony/rites of passage of how far I came in running during a milestone time in my life.  It all lined up how it was supposed to and that time will always be a special accomplishment for me.

6.What is in your music playlist?

My playlist is 100% gospel as I prefer to keep my mind on positive thoughts and encouragement during a challenging task. It’s my own “zen running” 🙂

So my iPod is mainly loaded with lots of Kirk Franklin & Tye Tribbett (with a few other artists sprinkled in between).    They rock it out during my runs and I always kick off with Fred Hammond (my all time favorite gospel artist).

I am working on making a new playlist and find myself listening to music now from a runner’s eye in what will keep me pumped and energized!

Now I have heard the Black Eyed Peas last album is crunk and perfect for running time so may check it out soon we shall see

Final thought: To anyone who thinks they can’t…you really CAN!

It all starts with your will & mind. You can DO IT!

You can keep up with me & read more about my first year of running at: http://www.runcrimsonrun.blogspot.com

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