Running for Better Health

Leslie is one of Purple Butterfly’s newest members she started with the latest beginner group in June of this year. When Leslie first began she could only run about 30 seconds at a time. One the first day she kept apologizing for in her words “keeping me back from the rest of the group”.  I just gave her my usual sideways look and explained that PBRC takes people of all levels; we meet you right where you are, and no beginner runs alone.  Honestly after the first day something told me this lady had some fight in her so I gave her the nickname “superwoman”. She kept coming back so we kept building her running foundation.  Read on to get a little more detail about Leslie and her running story:

PBRC: Tell us a little about yourself.

Leslie: I am originally from Buffalo NY, Married with two kids and  one grandson, I am 41 years old and I work at wells Fargo

PBRC: Did you run track or cross country in high school or college?

Leslie: No I have never run before

PBRC: Why did you start running?

Leslie: For my health.  I wanted to change my lifestyle and I wanted to do something I have never really done before.

PBRC: Did you enjoy running right away?

Leslie: No, I fought my group leader all the way at the beginning.  I do enjoy it now though because I overcame the fear of something new.  It has really helped with my weight loss and it gives me a lot of energy so I look forward to it.

PBRC: What have you learned about yourself through your running experience?

Leslie: That I can accomplish the goals that I set for myself. That I can reach the goals The Purple Butterfly sets for me each week as well.

PBRC: You recently had a doctor’s appointment, tell us how that went?

Leslie: Before my doctors appointment I was not as healthy as my doctor wanted me to be. I was on medication for my high blood pressure.  When I went to my appointment he took me off of my blood pressure medicine and I have lost 10 pounds.  He was very pleased with my progress and encouraged me to keep up the good work.

PBRC: Do you have any suggestions for someone who may be considering running or someone who may have fears about trying something new?

Leslie: Yes, you are a lot stronger than you think you are. Do it for your own reasons, do it at your own pace, have patience and don’t give up.

PBRC: How has PBRC helped you with your running journey?

Leslie:  Purple Butterfly is a great group of ladies. Every one is very encouraging and inspiring. This group has helped me reach my goals and I just enjoy their company.

Leslie could only run 30 seconds when she started, she is now running 9 min.  I am very proud of her for staying dedicated and for taking control of her health.  This is not an easy thing to do.  She is an inspiration to me and the other members of the group.

Leslie is just one example of the great group of ladies that meet three times a week to encourage, inspire, motivate, laugh and run together!

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5 Responses to Running for Better Health

  1. Leslie says:

    I owe you and Loree, Tuwana a world of thanks,Loree got me to believe in myself and Tuwana is there pushing me to complete my goals. and when I met you I knew you were special you stayed with me and built my confidence and you bring me through…May God continue to keep you in his favor..stay sweet.

  2. Taylor Calamese says:

    You have come such a long way..I would have never been able to tell you started out running only 30 seconds. You have a fight in you that is very admirable. Stay encouraged, hard work truely does pay off. 🙂

  3. Tuwana says:

    That was a really good story….a Success Story at that….Leslie you motivate everyone around you just by showing up and staying true to your goals. Also, big ups to Loree for pulling this whole thing together—we’d be all over the place without you both!

  4. Stacey says:

    What an inspiring story!!! Keep at it Leslie!

  5. Cassandra says:

    Yay, Leslie! I love coming out every week and seeing new ladies. PBRC is inspiring and definitely welcoming of ladies of all abilities.

    And it’s nice to see another Upstate New Yorker! I’ve been down south since 1999, but born and raised in Syracuse and went to college in Buffalo.

    Keep up the good work, Leslie! 🙂

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