Butterfly Spotlight

Kelly Fant-Kelly

Short Bio: I was born in Thomasville, North Carolina and moved to Greensboro when I was 10 years old.  After graduating from high school in 1990, I attended UNC-Charlotte, where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in English and have been in Charlotte since graduating. Currently, I work as a recruiter for Wells Fargo where I have been employed for six years.   I have one sibling, an older sister, Scarlette, and I have been married for 10 years to Spaniel (Span) Kelly.  He supports me and constantly keeps me laughing and challenged.  We enjoy life by attending concerts, visiting wineries, traveling, and spending time with family, friends, nieces, nephews and god children. I love  experiencing, trying and learning new things and sharing with others.  I also enjoy going to plays, reading magazines and watching back to back episodes of Law and Order.  I was introduced to the PBRC by Audrea Wilson.  It took me a year to join to the club, but I am glad I did..it has been an awesome, life changing experience!!

What is your favorite food?

Well…that can be a long list, but I absolutely love pizza and ice cream.  I can eat it every day.  And as many of you know, from October – December, I binge on Jack and Box’s egg nog milkshakes.

What is your favorite book?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the most recent read that I thoroughly enjoyed was The House of Sugar Beach by Helene Cooper.  The book that I still find most thought-provoking and enlightening from a historical standpoint is The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the lessons that life will give.  It’s what you do with those lessons that make the difference.

What is your favorite quote?

“Please be aware of the energy that you bring to this space” – Oprah Winfrey

What is on your run playlist?

I only run with music when I run alone, not during group runs or races.  But on my playlist you will find a lot of neo-soul, and R and B.  My favorites are: Ledisi, Lauryn Hill, Tamia,Tribe Called Quest and Jill Scott.

Finish the following sentences:

I run because…

I initially put losing weight and living healthier on my 40×40 list as two of the 40 things that I needed to accomplish before I turned 40.    I now run because every day that I run I feel a sense of accomplishment; regardless if I go two miles or 6, I always feel a constant sense of gratification. It’s also a time for me to be one with God, nature and my thoughts.

Now that I am a runner…

I never want to stop.  I want to continue to learn more about running and experience all that I put into it.  It’s a very rewarding sport and I can’t believe it took me a year to join the Butterflies.  I want to encourage others to join us and give it a try.  The physical, mental and spiritual rewards of running are infectious.

I Love…

My life and all that comes with it!!  I also love the addition of the PBRC in my life.  It has been a positive experience and the support, encouragement and sisterhood that we give each other is priceless….and that wasn’t on my 40×40 list!!

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