Butterfly Spotlight

Salathia Britt

I’m originally from St. George SC. I came to Charlotte in 1993 to attend Johnson C. Smith off of a partial music scholarship. I am the youngest of 4. I have one brother and 2 sisters. I enjoy trying new things and anyone that knows me knows that I will try anything once! Kelly Fant-Kelly introduced me to the Purple Butterfly Running Club. I told her straight up, “ I ain’t no runner”! And look at me now! I’M ADDICTED!!!

I started with PBRC on Aug 4th 2011, and ran my first 5k Aug 20th 2011. I would’ve never thought that I would have ran a half marathon on Dec 10th. The joy and excitement got me through the first 6 miles. At mile 11, I thought they moved the mile marker! At mile 12, I KNEW they moved the mile marker! When I turned the corner and finally saw the finish line I knew I DID IT!!!!! I accomplished a mission impossible! After it was over I wanted to have everything from my waist down cut off!!!! YIKES!!!! Then the pain subsided, and the words of support and encouragement from the ladies of PBRC got me past my pain! I will NEVER forget my first 13.1

What makes me smile?
Things people say or do makes me smile! Cheesecake REALLY makes me smile! Watching some kids play makes me smile.

What inspires me?
Seeing other achieve their goals inspire me and motivates me to do more and be a better me!

Whats your favorite quote?
“A girls gotta treat herself”, boy do I love saying that!!! I’m a firm believer that who will treat you better than you!!! I love to pamper myself just because its Tuesday. Trust me, I don’t need a reason

Whats on your run playlist?
When I run, I don’t run with music. That is my time to free my mind. On the trail we run, I look at the trees, dirt, watch the squirrels scurry from one tree to the next. I just have mindless thoughts.

I run because…
I like the outdoors, it’s a great form of exercise, and now I can eat anything I want without gaining weight!!!

Now that Im a runner…
I cant stop and don’t want to! 5 bibs 2 medals later and counting!!!

I love…
I love spending times with family and friends. I love love traveling, shopping, and trying new things. I love love love cookies from the Double Tree Hotel and Cheesecake! And I love love love love running with the ladies of PBRC.

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