Healthy Hair Care Tips For Women Who Workout…

“Fit and Fabulous!”
Healthy Hair Care Tips For Women Who Workout…

Guest Blogger: Dana Purdom


“It takes 1-2 hours to do my hair after a workout.”

“Salon visits are costly.”

“I don’t know how to manage my hair after working out.”

“How can I protect my hair while working out?”

“I can’t exercise today because I don’t want to sweat out my hair.”

If you’re a woman, more specifically an African-American woman, I’m sure all of the above concerns have crossed your mind. You’re not alone!

Moisture and motion can quickly undo ones efforts to maintain a professionally styled hairdo, with the result that many women end up avoiding physical activity all together.

African-American women spend a considerable amount of time and money transforming their hair with [chemical]relaxers and other treatments from naturally tight coils into silky straight locks. Or, quite the opposite, African-American women with natural hair, who want to know how to maintain their lustrous locks and keep it healthy.

WORRY NO MORE!!! There is a solution to this dilemma and my name is: Beautie_Cutie. If only one head at a time I can relieve women of this burden, I have dedicated my life to the health and care of women’s hair.

I hope the following healthy hair care tips & suggestions ease your concerns and give you the hope in knowing that, while achieving your physical health goals, you too can be Fit and Fabulous!

*Prior to exercising hair should be pre-treated/prepped with a natural botanical oil.

*Doing so prevents sweat damage to your hair during exercise by controlling moisture and salt buildup.

*Salty buildup causes the hair to break, shed, and become dull & dry.

*Hair should be washed with a mild pH balanced shampoo at least once a week to remove salt buildup.

*Condition hair with a moisturizing protein enriched conditioner.

*Prior to exercising and after applying natural botanical oils to scalp & hair, secure hair tightly with a satin hair wrap. Additionally, cover entire head with a bandana. This prevents any moisture from being released from the scalp.

*Do not remove hair wrap until hair is completely dry.

*Avoid over processing the hair by limiting heat, use of blow dryers and curling irons.

*Get regular precision cuts/trims to maintain style shape.

*Drink plenty of water, 8 ounces, several times a day; especially during and after exercise.

*Use quality products purchased from a Licensed Professional; as they are highly concentrated and contain ingredients and natural fillers as our own hair.

*Consult specifically with a Healthy Hair Care Provider for regular tips on how to care for and maintain your tresses.

Be encouraged knowing that you can look good, feel good and be empowered about your health. No longer do you have to make excuses.

**Dana ‘Beautie_Cutie’ Purdom is a Licensed Cosmetologist and Healthy Hair Care Provider. Her salon, Epiphany Hair Studio, is located in the University Area of Charlotte, NC. To schedule an in-salon consultation she can be contacted at 704.962.8124 or via her website. 



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  1. Nigel Ben says:

    Just the other day I over heard the women at work talking about not going to the gym because of their hair. I guess they need to get in touch with you to show them how it can be done.

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