“There’s No Success Without Effort”

By Guest Blogger: Dana Purdom

Thursday, March 22, 2012 was my first ‘official’ run of the season with my running club: Purple Butterfly Running Club (PBRC) We are an organization of women dedicated to running and the health & wellness of women.

I must say, I was truly taken aback when I saw how many women showed up. Only 2 years ago we were a small group of maybe 10 women. And today, we’re 60+ women STRONG! Women of all sizes, shapes, and statures.

We convened at the parking lot of the UNCC-University City Blvd Greenway entrance and took it over! People from afar were driving by wondering who WE were; like a solidified Professional Club *smiling as I say that*.

Unbeknownst to strangers, many of the women were 1st-time runners. Ask any of us, “how long have you been running?” and the consensus will be “I’m not a runner” LOL!

That’s what’s so wonderful about PBRC. There are various levels at which each person runs: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. So, if you’ve EVER given yourself a reason to say, “I can’t join because I’m not a runner…” then ask any of us ladies and we’ll all tell you, “neither are we” LOL! No runner gets left behind thanks to each group’s Team Leader(s), who by the way are awesome!

To my surprise it was great running with Loree. Being the Professional she is, she watched my running form, listened to my breathing and really paid close attention to me, all during her run. It was great! She was my personal coach and I felt extra special. There were some challenges when I just wanted to stop but I was determined NOT TO GIVE UP!

I’ve learned in life that giving up doesn’t reap rewards, and I like rewards. So, like the little engine that could I pushed and pushed myself to complete our goal without stopping, 3 miles, even the final hill.

I was so focused on finishing the run that I didn’t realize ALL the women were waiting and cheering for me at the top of the hill. I was the LAST runner to finish but their cheers of support made me feel like I won the race in 1st place! I wad so overwhelmed with joy that they were waiting on lil ‘ole ME.

When you put in solid effort, you build yourself a solid step from which to reach higher and stretch farther–you can stand up strong on the back of all your hard work and view new horizons you couldn’t glimpse before.

I will have that moment FOREVER etched in my brain and seared into my soul. If there’s ever a time that I think I can’t accomplish something, I’ll reach back to that day and know I CAN!

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