“Hop Into Spring! Getting Your Hair Into Shape For Summer…”

“Hop Into Spring! Getting Your Hair Into Shape For Summer…”

By Guest Blogger Dana Purdom

Different seasons require different haircare techniques to maintain healthy hair. As the seasons change from dry and cold in Winter to, warm and moist during Spring & Summer, hair changes with the climate.

Hair often goes from dry and full of static to frizzy and sun bleached by the end of summer. Preparing for this change of the seasons can help you have a better hair day all year long!

Balancing Moisture:
One of the hardest things to conquer with hair is ‘moisture balance’. Just when you get your hair all moisturized to combat the dry season, it gets wet and humid, and then the sun comes out and wreaks havoc on your locks.

As the weather starts to warm up and the humidity in the air increases, it’s time to CHANGE your conditioning habits by making a few adjustments.

While Springtime brings beautifully groomed gardens and 70-degree temperatures, it’s also the season when frizzy hair and flyaways are rampant.

Here are some causes of the most maddening effects Spring weather can have on your hair and what you can do to keep your locks luscious February to May!

(The Culprit): HUMIDITY
Spring’s influx of humid weather can leave hair flat and squelch even the most zealous efforts of styling. No matter what texture your hair has naturally, this is NOT the time of year to force your tresses into a natural style.

If your hair is curly, find a style that embraces your curls. If your hair is straight but tends to curl up in humid weather, incorporate loose, light curls into your style.

Product Recommendation:
Consider applying a ‘humidity resistant’ product like: Dudley’s Dry Hair Spray; which, has a silicone oil that provides a moisture repellant shield to protect styles, and polymers that preserve styles under hot, humid conditions.

(The Culprit): WIND
Wind creates massive flyaways! Windy gusts grab at split ends and create static-y looks, and damaged or naturally coarse hair has it worse because they have rougher hair cuticles, giving the breeze something to hold on to.

Product Recommendation:
Windy times call for hair accessories: headbands, ponytails and clips are a must! Also, try products formulated for blustery days like Dudley’s True Indulgence: Inner Brilliance; infused with a combination of essential oils, wheat germ & rose hip, that tame even the most difficult frizzies.

(The Culprit): MOISTURE
Constant changing moisture levels are in the air due to April showers. The problem? Frizz is caused by air trying to soak in moisture from the air.

Product Recommendation:
Try keeping a little product on hand throughout the day to use for smoothing down any strays that may curl up like Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer: prevents dryness associated with all types of hair – relaxed, curled or natural.

(The Culprit): HEAT
Hot air opens the hair cuticle, which leads to split ends, breakage and duller hair color. To beat the heat give your hair a blast of cool air using the ‘cool’ setting on your Professional hair dryer when you’re almost done drying. Cold air closes the hair cuticle and seals the moisture.

Product Recommendation:
Using Dudley’s silicone based, Total Control Liquid Gloss shine-enhancing spray will help detangle hair, prevents frizz without leaving any build-up. It acts as a thermal protectant when blow drying and/or ironing the hair and provides UV protection when out in the sun.

*Dana ‘Beautie_Cutie’ Purdom is a Licensed Cosmetologist and Healthy Hair Care Provider. My salon, Epiphany Hair Studio, is located in the University Area of Charlotte, NC.

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