EHS Summer Hair Care Tips

Epiphany Hair Studio Summer Hair Care Tips

“Summer Has Sprung! Seasonal Changes and How To Handle Them…”

Summer months are generally very hot. People spend a great deal of time outdoors and in water activities. Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can lead to dry, brittle hair that changes its color, and summer water activities can create unpredictable results when working with chemicals. This is generally the best growth time for hair. More active lifestyles, better eating habits and happy spirits all contribute to this. However, there are some side effects we must deal with….

*Chlorine Damage

The sun naturally oxidizes the hair and lightens the natural color. The more you expose the hair to UV rays, the lighter the hair becomes.

To offset this the following product is recommended:
*Dudley’s Q True Indulgence: Inner Brilliance Essential Oil Complex

Applying a small amount of Essential Oil Complex to wet or dry hair will buffer the effects of the sun and slow down the oxidation process.

Excessive sweating may occur during this time of year as activities increase. Sweating leaves salt deposits, which cause a drying effect on the hair and scalp. It must be removed with frequent shampoos.

The following regimine is recommended to keep those tresses in tip top shape:
*Dudley’s Q Deluxe Shampoo
*Dudley’s Q Moisturizing Conditioner
*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Sulfate-Free Shampoo
*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Hydrate
Leave-In Conditioner


*Dudley’s Q PCA Moisture Retainer
*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Bend Twist & Lock Gel
*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Control Locking Cream

Complete the finish look with the At Home Maintenance products to prevent dryness and add softness to all types of hair. They provide extra moisture, added conditioning, and extra holding power for hard-to-lock, curly or gray hair. Exceptional for natural or chemically enhanced tresses.

Water activities increase during the summer monthes. As a resuslt we are exposed to chlorine, which has a negative effect on natural hair and even more so on chemically treated hair. It is imperative to remove chlorine immediately from the hair after exposure. Breakage and dry dull hair can result if hair does not receive the proper maintenence.

The following regimen is recommended:
*Dudley’s Q The Shampoo (Clarifier)
*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Sulfate-Free Shampoo
*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Hydrate
Leave-In Conditioner

*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Sulfate-Free Shampoo
*Dudley’s Q iDiversify Hydrate
Leave-In Conditioner

These are just a few tips on how to keep your tresses in the healthiest condition possible during the Summer months. All recommended products can be purchased from my Salon by calling or emailling me and can be shipped if you’re not local.

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