Reflections of a Runner

Reflections of a Runner


Geri Jackson

In the beginning, I stayed in my head and said to myself, “I am not a runner.”

Always a little too heavy, a little too soft and never considered that athletic- kind-of- girl

I could set a goal to lose weight and exercise; and could never stay committed to me.

A party, a holiday, a failed relationship, or not making my health a priority became a reason to quit.

One spring day, a beautiful Butterfly flew by and whispered “every step, every mile together”

“Come join us! Set a goal, be supported, live healthier and HAVE FUN!”

Joining a group meant commitment, fellowship and people who understood me and my battle

Could I be a runner?  Could I set and reach a goal without giving up? Could I be a winner?

I was anxious and excited the first run, and couldn’t figure out what a “2 and 1” was???

It was the longest one minute of my life!  My lungs were on fire, knees wobbling and my heart pounding out of chest!

But I made it through my first run and was celebrated with a round of applause and smiles all around

I thought to myself, “I think I can do this” and decided I would take it one run, one goal at a time.

Four months have passed and as I prepare myself on running days I think to myself,

 I have run a mile in 15 minutes;

I have run to the bridge and back;

I have completed a 5k with my running club;

I have run 5 miles while holding a conversation;

I have new friends and sisters in running;

I have lost inches and become toned and

I have improved mentally, physically and spiritually.

As I join hands with the other Butterflies and bow my head, I hear a clear voice:

 “Thank you, Father God, for the ladies in this circle. Thank you for helping us make the commitment to our health.  Thank you for this beautiful day.  Please protect and be with us as we are on the trails today…”

 My spirit is lifted by the prayer and I know that He has given me a blessing in the form of this sisterhood.  I think to myself, “I AM a runner!”

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