Intestinal Fortitude

Today I discovered a term/phrase, intestinal fortitude. I have often used the two words separately, but never together in a sentence, and I like it. The dictionary defines it as courage and endurance to go on, and not surprisingly, used the example of a marathon runner as a person with intestinal fortitude.

As I begin to think more about this term, not only does it define a runner, but it’s a perfect description of women and all that we do on a daily basis. Our careers, taking care of our families, friends, spouses and our community…we make it happen. We all, at some point, have had to reach down deep and just get it done. It’s evident in our daily routines, when we are recovering from a bad day or a loss or a setback and when supporting others. It’s that “thing” up until now, that I didn’t have a word for, but just emerged as needed.

For those of you that made the decision this week to join the Purple Butterfly Running Club, and add that to your list of commitments, thank you for taking that step. You will not regret having the fortitude to put your health first and to join a sisterhood of women that are on the same journey. Every Step, Every Mile, that you take to lead a healthier lifestyle is another great example of your will and determination.

For all of the new Butterflies, nothing is more rewarding than having the courage to start…you have joined a sisterhood of runners, of women, that will help you endure, that will celebrate your intestinal fortitude! Your journey has just begun!

See you at the greenway and happy running!!

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