Choosing and Caring for your Running Gear

running gear

Now that you are a runner you will find that it is important to make choices that will help your runs go as smooth as possible. Choosing the right gear can make all the difference. The following are a few tips for purchasing running gear:

  •   A properly fitted running shoe is very important for your running success.. Any specialty running store should be able to fit a shoe for you. PBRC recommends Run For Your Life.
  •  Socks made of a wicking material are important as well. Cotton holds moisture, wicking materials pulls moisture away from the skin and can help to prevent blisters.
  •  Shorts and shirts are defiantly personal preference. Some prefer Loose, comfortable, and breathable shorts others prefer tights. Whatever your preference choose a wicking material. Wicking materials pull moisture away from the skin.
  • Sports Bras are an important part of your running gear as well, Moving Comfort has a great site with tips on how to choose and care for a running bra for each individual.

handle with care

Now that we have discussed how to choose the right running gear. Let’s discuss how to care for your running gear.

Running Clothes

 Use a technical wear or Sports Detergent. Wicking fabrics are great for running because they pull moisture away from your skin, bacteria (which causes the smell) can gets trapped in the fibers of your clothing and can be hard to get out. Use a special detergent formulated for technical wear, to remove embedded sweat odor. Those types of detergents will also help your wicking clothing to last longer.

Only wash in cold water. Wash your running clothes in cold water only. Hot or warm water can set in nasty smells.

 Don’t put your running clothes in the dryer. After washing your running clothes made of wicking materials hang them to dry. Placing these items in the dryer will break down the wicking fibers in the clothing and you will not get full wear out of them. Placing your clothes in the dryer can also cause nasty smells to set into the fiber of the clothing.

Skip the fabric softener.Fabric Softener will clog up the moisture absorbing pores in your wicking clothing, therefore eliminating the clothing’s ability to pull moisture from your skin.


Running Shoes

Do not place your shoes in the washer or the dryer!! Dirty running shoes are a sign of miles accomplished and hard work, but if you must clean them up hand wash them using a toothbrush or cloth. If you immerse the whole shoe in water take out the insert to dry separately and stuff the shoe with newspaper to absorb the water.

Placing your shoes in the washer or dryer will break down the soles more quickly, making the shoes wear our faster, meaning you may not be able to put as many miles on them as you planned.

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