Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When did PBRC Start?
Purple Butterfly Running Club Started on January 9, 2010
Q. Where did the name Purple Butterfly come from?
The Founder Loree Hickman’s favorite color is purple and butterflies are a symbol of transformation and freedom
Q. When do you run?
Purple Butterfly Running Club runs on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 7:30 am.
Q. Where do you run?
Purple Butterfly Running Club meets in the Parking lot down from Dunkin Doughnuts on HWY 49.
Q. When does the Couch to 5k start, how long does it last?
Our couch to 5K program starts every year in March and last for 10 to 12 weeks.  **Our 2021 couch to 5K program has been cancelled due to COVID 19**
Q. What happens after the couch to 5K?
After our couch to 5K program is over we continue to run as a group but we no longer have coach assisted groups. We continue to train for the remainder of races we have on our schedule for the year.
Anyone who joins after the couch to 5K will receive one coaching session that will answer any questions you have and provide running instruction and a beginner training program.
Q. How much are your membership dues?
 $35 Adult Membership – Any woman over the age of 18                       
$35 Student Membership – Any woman under the age of 18                  
Q. Do you run in the cold?
Yes Purple Butterfly Running Clubs meets to run year round
Q. Do you have to run group races?
Yes our group runs can be found on the PBRC Events tab of this site
Q. If we miss a scheduled weekly run will we have a makeup day?
NO, If a weekday run is cancelled for any reason we do not have a makeup day.
Q. If I’m not a runner will I fit into this group?
95% of PBRC members are Beginners, we have members who run at all levels

2 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Margie Nichols says:

    If I decide to join your group, is it okay to participate on most Thursday?

    • Hi Margie! Our Couch to 5K program starts this Tuesday at 6:30PM. We start the training program with run/walk intervals and progress with distance and time weekly for 12 weeks. If your goal is to run a 5K we suggest that you get in at least 2 runs a week. We also run on Saturday mornings but no coaches will be available.

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